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The Long Way Home

In an effort to help fund this trip, we are offering three different digital books for sale for $4.99 (paperback is also available for $12.95) and an opportunity for people to simply make a donation. If 150 people give $20 or if about 900 purchased a book, we will have the needed funds for the trip, Amazon offers a free Kindle app for any computer or tablet that will make it possible to read the digital books. The proceeds from the sale will help fund our trip. Two of the books are Bible teaching (one on Psalms and the other on Bible prophecy, last days, and spiritual warfare). The third book is a wholesome, romance/action/suspense novel that is a fun adventure and is safe for the whole family. See the descriptions below and follow the links to Amazon to make your purchase. You can help by buying one or more of the books and by sharing the link to this website with your friends and urging them to help with the mission project. Thank you for your support. If you choose to purchase a book, we are praying that God will bless you and encourage you as you read. If you choose to make a donation, thank you for helping us reach out to the Quechua people. We would also really appreciate you praying for us as we undertake this mission. 

The Long Way Home is book one in The Davenport Series.

Do you need encouragement or comfort? Have you longed to know God and experience His presence? In Songs from the Heart: Meeting with God in the Psalms, Dr. Tim Riordan has provided a rich resource, based upon the Psalms, to encourage your spiritual journey and help the Psalms come to life in your heart. You will enjoy Dr. Riordan’s easy to read style and personal stories as he guides you through a study that will help you find personal application of God’s Word. Songs from the Heart can be viewed as a devotional book through selected Psalms or as a resource to help you engage in the study of the Bible. It will be a tool to enrich your spiritual life and to challenge you to meet with God in worship.  Join Dr. Riordan as he carefully leads you through an overview of this beloved Bible book and then directs you through a more detailed study of thirty different Psalms. 

When Meg was stranded in the Bahamas, her life was dramatically changed through an encounter with an old friend that turned into adventure, danger, and discovery.

Meg Freeman and Jon Davenport began a surprising adventure, connected to a 17th century, shipwrecked Spanish galleon. Both Freeman and Davenport had experienced the sorrow of losing a spouse, but they found a renewed friendship as they had an amazing undersea discovery and encountered terrorists along the way. Join this couple’s adventure of romance and suspense where the long way home became a ride that would change their lives forever.

Bible prophecy points to cataclysmic events before the return of Christ. Is it possible that the stage is being set now for some of the events to take place? Are you ready for the challenges and spiritual conflict that are sure to come in the last days? In Immovable: Standing Firm in the Last Days, Dr. Tim Riordan challenges Christians to be prepared for the difficulties and opportunities of living in the last days before the return of Christ. He connects Bible prophecy regarding the last days to the spiritual armor of Ephesians and teaches Christians how to put it on and engage our spiritual enemy. Immovable will serve as a guide as you seek to prepare to stand firm in the days ahead.

Reader’s Favorite – “Immovable is a must-have for any Christian home.”

Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Dallas Texas – “Immovable will serve as a useful guide to help Christians stand firm and victorious in the final days before Christ’s return.”

Thank you for your partnering with us. We would greatly appreciate your prayer for us as we prepare for this trip and while we are gone. We will be leaving on May 22 and returning on June 5. If you would like to follow us on the trip, I will be sharing on my blog throughout the trip (whenever there's internet availability). You can join my blog at www.timriordan.me and follow us through the Andes.

Tim and Jonathan Riordan will be joining with two others from the United States to backpack through the mountainous regions of Peru. They will spend ten days hiking from village to village in order to connect with an unreached people group living in that region. They'll be doing research for the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Conven-tion and other groups who may go into this area in the future. They'll also begin laying the groundwork of sharing the gospel with the Quechua people in the southern Peruvian mountains. Dr. Tim Riordan serves as the pastor of SonRise Baptist Church in Newnan, Georgia and his son, Jonathan, will be graduating from Georgia College and State University in May.

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Are you prepared to stand firm in the last days?

Songs From the Heart: Meeting With God in the Psalms

He had a boat. She needed a ride. A simple lift turned​​


This page will introduce you to an opportunity to be a part of a mission project to reach an unreached people group in Peru. You will be invited to partner with us financially by either purchasing one of our books listed below, or if you prefer to make a donation, simply click the "Donate" button on this page. Thanks for your support.

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Immovable: Standing Firm in the Last Days