Are you ready to become a published author? Have you ever wondered how to publish a book? Would you like to learn how to write a book so your ministry can be expanded? How to Write and Publish Books is the second book in The Published Pastor series. It is offered to help pastors, Bible teachers, or anyone else who gathers material on a regular basis to turn their lessons or sermons into a published book. Join Dr. Tim Riordan as he shares from his experience and research on how to become a published author. He compares the differences between traditional publishing and self-publishing, and he offers a step-by-step approach to self-publishing your book.

Have you ever considered writing or publishing a book? Would you like to expand your ministry by turning your next sermon series into a book your congregation can pass on to others? The Published Pastor series is a collection of three books that will encourage you to write and offer you the step-by-step help you may need to become a published author. This first book in the series will challenge you and help you to see that you can become a writer. Dr. Tim Riordan uses his experience in writing and publishing books to show you practical guidelines in taking your sermons from the pulpit to the publisher. Dr. Riordan has been a pastor for over 35 years and is the author of three books. Dr. Riordan can be your mentor in helping you to accomplish your goal of writing and publishing your next book.

Have you always wanted to be a published author? Now, you can!

Are you a pastor, Sunday School teacher, or an educator? If you stand before a group of people to teach or speak on a regular basis, you can extend your ministry by turning your lessons or messages into a book. The Published Pastor series is a guide that will help you to become a published author. You do not have to be a pastor in order to benefit from this helpful resource.

You’ve written a book, but now what? How can your book become a bestseller? Can you really sell your books and share your message? Is it possible to actually make money as an author?  

While your book may be the best thing since “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” if no one knows it exists, then it will join the millions of other books on the pile of the unknowns. What’s the solution? Marketing! Maybe, you didn’t sign up to be a marketer; you only want to write books. Bestselling and award-winning author, Tim Riordan, says, “If you are going to be a successful writer, you must be a successful marketer.” You can learn how to build your brand, sell more books, and be a successful author. 

But how? Tim Riordan offers a how-to guide on marketing that any author can follow. He pulls from his own experiences and research to help other authors navigate the unchartered territory of book marketing. Do you want to be a successful author? Allow Tim to be your guide, and you, too, can become a bestselling author. The Next Bestseller was a 2020 award recipient from the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards contest and a 2021 finalist in the Selah Award.