When God Promises

By Tim Riordan

Are you prepared to stand firm in the last days? 

Bible prophecy points to cataclysmic events before the return of Christ. Is it possible that the stage is being set now for some of the events to take place? Are you ready for the challenges and spiritual conflict that are sure to come in the last days? In Immovable: Standing Firm in the Last Days, Dr. Tim Riordan challenges Christians to be prepared for the difficulties and opportunities of living in the last days before the return of Christ. He connects Bible prophecy regarding the last days to the spiritual armor of Ephesians and teaches Christians how to put it on and engage our spiritual enemy. Immovable will serve as a guide as you seek to prepare to stand firm in the days ahead.
Reader’s Favorite – “Immovable is a must-have for any Christian home.”
Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Dallas Texas – “Immovable will serve as a useful guide to help Christians stand firm and victorious in the final days before Christ’s return.”

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By Victoria Teague with Connie Singleton

Following an eleven-year cocaine addiction and a dangerous career as a dancer in the sex industry, Victoria Teague built a new life in Christ on top of her secrets. Only a precious, trusted few knew her complete, spiritual rags-to-riches story. Now, you can know it too.

By Tim Riordan

Have you ever wished for a “How To” book on life? God has given us one in the book of Proverbs. Thousands of years ago, God inspired writers to offer practical guidance for real-life issues. Join pastor and Bible teacher, Dr. Tim Riordan, on a journey through this book of wisdom where you will study one of the most read books of the Bible. He begins with help on how to study Proverbs and then offers a topical discussion on a variety of issues addressed in the pages of this cherished book of wisdom. You will enjoy Wisdom Speaks as a personal study or as a part of a small group or Sunday School class. Each chapter concludes with additional questions for personal application. Through Proverbs, wisdom speaks. Are you listening?

2019 Book of the Year through Christian Indie Publishing Association in Christian Living/Bible Study.


A 21- Day Journey

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By Tim Riordan

Chosen by the Christian Small Publishers Association as the 2016 Book of the Year in Bible Study and Theology!

Many have found comfort and encouragement through the Psalms. Though it may be the most loved book of the Bible, the Psalms are also the most misunderstood book of the Bible. Within the pages of this inspired book of Psalms, readers will find God speaking truth to their minds and encouragement to their souls. Join Dr. Tim Riordan, pastor and teacher, as you study through the Psalms. Dr. Riordan's book will take you on a journey where thirty different Psalms are studied in detail. The reader will be encouraged to seek after God and challenged to allow God to be a central part of his life. This book could be enjoyed as a devotional book or as a book to help you dig deeper into the word of God. You will enjoy Dr. Riordan's  stories and Bible teaching as you "meet with God in the Psalms.

Songs from the Heart

Meeting With God in the Psalms

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By Judah Knight

Judah Knight has created an exciting suspense novel series that offers romance, action, and intrigue for adults as well as teens. The author created this story, in part, to offer a wholesome approach to romance and action while presenting an enjoyable and engaging story that's safe for the whole family.

The Davenport Series

By Tim Riordan

You've written a book; now what?

Allow bestselling and award-winning author, Tim Riordan, help you navigate the challenges of marketing your book. Your message was so important that you spent many months writing your book. Now, don't let your message fail by not effectively marketing it.

​The Next Bestseller was a 2020 award winner with Readers' Favorite and is a finalist for the 2021 Selah Award and Director's Choice Award.

Wisdom Speaks

Life Lessons from Proverbs

New Release

By Tim Riordan

A 2022 Selah Award Finalist!

Physical growth is automatic. Spiritual Growth Isn't.

​​Since you’ve become a follower of Jesus, what are you doing to grow in your faith? Would you say you’re closer to Jesus today than you were a year ago? Some people focus on the event of becoming a Christian and forget the process of following Jesus.

 Following Jesus: A 21-Day Journey is a guide to help you experience Jesus and grow in your faith. Some say it takes twenty-one days to make a habit. Pastor Tim Riordan will help you develop the habit of a daily quiet time and deepen your prayer life as you become a passionate follower of Jesus.

Reaching for Life


Standing Firm in the Last Days

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The next bestseller

Book Marketing for Success

By Julie McCoy

Scripture is filled with the promises of God, and God is faithful fo fulfill them all. Join Bible teacher Julie McCoy as she walks you through some of the most life-changing promises found in the Word of God.

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