GreenTree Publishers is pleased to present Judah Knight's first book The Long Way Home. We would like to help you get to know Judah by providing a recent interview we had with Mr. Knight.

GreenTree Publishers (GP): We are very excited about publishing your novel, The Long Way Home. While the book is obviously fiction, there are some interesting elements that cause it to span across more than one type of fictional genre.

Judah Knight (JK): Yes. I originally started out to write a historical novel based upon the amazing story surrounding the Terre Firma armada that left South America for Spain in 1606. I have always been fascinated with history and have enjoyed combining historical facts with fictional writing. As I began doing the research on this armada, I developed the idea of using the historical disappearance of this armada with a modern-day story of searching for sunken treasure. I suppose some of the opening parts of the prologue would fall into historical fiction; however, I move away from history pretty quickly. I did use numerous facts in the rest of the book so as to create a realistic story for the reader.

GP: I will admit that when I first saw the name of the island your two main characters visited, I thought it was fictional. When I Googled it, I discovered it is indeed a real place.

JK: Yes. I first came across it by trying to find the agreed upon "most beautiful island in the world." When I discovered the real name of that particular island, that's when I began considering incorporating a romance theme in the story.

GP: I mentioned that fact that you use different genres. I would say this book is a mixture of romance, historical fiction, suspense, action, and drama. I have a difficult time adequately describing the book to others.

JK: I did intend the story to have action and suspense, but the idea of creating a romance sort of grew on me. When I first considered it, I decided to read some examples of popular romances. The first book was by a Christian writer who intended the book to be distinctly Christian. Though I enjoyed the story, I felt like the author went over the top in trying to make sure everyone knew it was a Christian romance. I also read part of a book written by a very popular secular romance author, and honestly I quit reading the book because it was so vulgar. It was then that I decided to write a book that included romance and action; good guys, bad guys, and lovers. However, I wanted to write a wholesome book that would include romance and action without vulgarity. People should pick up on the fact that my book has no bad language and no sex scenes. My main characters could be Christians, but I chose not to focus on that aspect of their lives.

GP: It was refreshing to read a good book where the bad guys didn't have to use vulgar words for the reader to know they were bad and the lovers didn't have to be immoral for you to know they were in love. I did like the fact that your characters represented to me people of good morals and admirable character.

JK: That was my hope. I sort of wrote the book in rebellion to modern day romances and action books. For one thing, I think people have imaginations, and you do not have to write a book so as to give it an "R" rating in order to develop the bad guys or the love story. I wanted to write a good story about good people who made right, wholesome choices in life. Hopefully my readers will enjoy that approach and agree that the story is not negatively affected by choosing to keep the writing at more of a "G" rating. I say "G," but I do realize this book was written for adults. Children could read the book, but it obviously has adult themes.

GP: I do appreciate your approach. I know that you are a Christian, but you specifically chose not to make this a distinctly Christian book. Why is that?

JK: I had the idea to write a story that would, in part, show a secular audience that you do not need vulgarity to carry themes of action and romance. I also thought it would be refreshing to have a story that modeled good character and right choices. We live in a day where that is in short supply. If I had carried Christian themes, my audience would have probably been limited to Christian readers. I am hoping to convey a message of morality, regardless of one's spiritual background.

Judah Knight

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