Victoria Teague is the founder and director of Victoria's Friends, a ministry that reaches out to  women working in the adult entertainment business.

Connie J. Singleton is a freelance writer who makes her home, along with her husband and two children, in Newnan, GA.

““Often, the stories from some of society’s most broken people are used by God to bring great glory and honor to Himself; Victoria Teague’s life would certainly be one of those stories. I was privileged to watch Victoria during the early days of her spiritual formation and the development of her ministry to Atlanta’s adult entertainment clubs. As you’ll see from Reaching for Life, great joy and true, impactful purpose are possible when God performs a radical transformation of her heart.”~ Randy Pope is the founding pastor of Perimeter Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Randy is the author of four books: The Intentional Church (previously released as The Prevailing Church), Finding Your Million Dollar Mate, and The Answer, and Insourcing: Bringing Discipleship Back to the Local Church.

“When you read Victoria’s story you’ll marvel at all she has been able to overcome and accomplish with God’s direction and blessing.  Reaching for Life will inspire you to ask yourself what you can do for the Kingdom of God.”

~ Jentezen Franklin is Senior Pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, GA and Free Chapel (Orange County) in Irvine, CA, and author of New York Times best-selling books, Right People, Right Place, Right Plan and Fasting.

 “I’ve been a Christian, a pastor, a Bible teacher and a seminary professor for a very long time.  When you’ve done this “religious thing” as long as I have, it can get old, one’s heart can grow hard, and the “gold” can go “dim.”  If God didn’t sometimes show me the real deal, I fear I would run away.  I’ve just read Victoria Teague’s new book, Reaching for Life. She and the book are the real deal in spades.  It’s the kind of book that will cause an old preacher’s heart to sing the “Hallelujah Chorus.” If you, like me, sometimes need to see the real God doing real miracles with real people in amazing ways, you’ll love this book.  Read it, rejoice in the story, and give it to everyone you know.” ~ Steve Brown is an author, seminary professor, and radio broadcaster and teacher on Key Life – a syndicated daily radio program, and author of Three Free Sins, Approaching God, Scandalous Freedom, and When Your Rope Breaks.

What Others are Saying about Reaching For Life

What haunts you? What shames you? What from your past do you believe disqualifies you from serving God wholeheartedly? What if that burdensome secret you hide and guard so carefully could be the very thing God wants to use both to recreate you and show others the path to healing, joy and purpose?

Following an eleven-year cocaine addiction and a dangerous career as a dancer in the sex industry, Victoria Teague built a new life on top of her secrets. For ten years, post-recovery, she sat in the pews of her church with a grateful heart and a “zip-locked” mouth. Only a precious, trusted few (among them her husband and the woman who led her to Jesus Christ) knew her complete, spiritual rags-to-riches story.

In Reaching for Life, Victoria recounts the trifecta of tragedies that impacted and sent her spiraling down in her mid-teens: the death of her younger sister, a demoralizing rape that involved two football players and a teacher, and the loss of her beloved grandfather. Stripped of her dignity and health at age 28 because of her addictions and lifestyle, Victoria contemplated suicide. Miraculously, God extended a lifeline and she grabbed it. New opportunities, spiritual and emotional growth, and a loving family followed.

Then one day, she clearly heard God’s voice asking her not only to share her secrets, but to spotlight them. To use them as her “street cred” to minister to other women in the strip clubs who desperately need the same mercy, direction, salvation, and purpose she received. Her “Yes!” to that call ultimately resulted in the birth of Victoria’s Friends, the volunteer-led ministry that has rescued more than 300 ladies from the clubs that Victoria fears are maybe even less than a yard from hell.

Victoria’s story invites and inspires readers to allow God to do, as the Bible promises, “immeasureably more than they ever thought or imagined” with their own shame and sorrow.

 Includes Reader’s Guide questions at the end of each chapter for personal or group study, discussion, and application.

A secret is an unstable foundation on which to build a new life.  Or is it?


Reaching for Life

by Victoria Teague with Connie J. Singleton